NLZ Know Your Celebrity: Jesse Jagz's Biography

Popularly known as: Jesse Jagz

Also Known as: Jargo

Height: 5feet 7inches

In a relationship with: Tesh Delilah Carter

Hometown: Takum, Taraba State

Fun fact: He hardly goes to clubs to 'chill'

Best quote of jesse jagz:

"This is not a Kendrick thing. You don't need Jesus to tell you that Nigerian music is unintelligent. Even Goats can dance to
our music."

Popular songs of jesse jags:

*Sex and scotch
*Murder them
*Nobody test me
*Pump it up
*Bad girl
*3rd world war.

Biography of Jesse Jagz:

Born Jesse Garba Abaga on the 29th of august 1984 is a Nigerian producer, song writer and hip-hop artist. He was born into a family of
clergymen, with Nigerian rapper M.I and Jason as siblings. Jesse begun singing in his church choir
and playing the drums at a tender age of 7. He went to the university of, to study law but dropped out in his fourth year.
His first album was called 'Gospel Insanity' unfortunately never got released to the streets.
By the time Jesse had gone far in his music production he formed another group in Jos called 'Eleven Thirty' and rose to being popular. Later on Jesse hooked up with M.I his brother and
started Inner Hub Studios. Jesse Jagz released his debut track 'Africa' in 2006, the song was on replay on radio stations and it put him in the

Best known for: Jesse released his highly anticipated album in 2010, 'Jagz of all Tradez' under Chocolate city and his sophomore album
'Jagz Nation, Vol.1 Thy Nation Come under his
own label. He has been called the Kanye West of Nigeria due to his unique experimentation of
various musical genres, he has worked with a wide range of artists, M.I, Ice Prince, Majek
Fashek, Banky W, Shank, WizKid , Fela Kuti and several others.
The rapper who keeps reinventing his physical appearance; from blonde to red and now braids
was Signed under the same record label Chocolate City with his brother M.I, Ice Prince and others up until early 2013 when he part
ways to begin his own Jagz Nation.

Personal life of Jesse Jagz:

Jesse is currently dating female rapper Tesh Delilah Carter. He also has an 11year old daughter, Jade with baby mama Ruby.


  1. Not jus Kenye west but Damien Marley of Naija... Best album of the time, "Jagz Nation"

  2. Wow..never knew ruby was his baby mama. Thanks for sharing


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