I Have A Father Lyrics By Jaymikee


Verse 1:
I've been called many titles
A wretched boy, a sinner, a little orphan
I have journeyed in circle
Like a little piece of nothing in a deep oceon
Until I discovered the power of love
the lord of creation adopted me
He gave me a new hope,a reason to believe
Now on the edge of glory
I'm proud to say

I have a father, almighty father
He never slumbers, Jehovah shama
Eyin sha lawi maye in
Eyin sha leleburu ike
O se mi lanu
Emi na-an re, baba o
Baba ara to mo yi omo

Verse 2:
Many times I'm unworthy
To look upon the greater view of you
But compassion and mercy is all I see
Hold my hand and call me your own
You said I'm created in the image of you
If you are not in me then what can I do
Only your power and wisdom can carry me through
So until the end I'll keep on calling baba mi o

Omo Omo, omo, omo...
Eyin lasheda ameda aweda o
Ogbe ogo kari ogo o o o
(Alade o maa wo le)
(Baba ton dabo mi
Baba ton toju mi)


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  2. Love love .......This song so inspiring. God bless Sir @ Mike Bamiloye


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