Popular lyrics by Pheels feat Vector

This has gotta be in recent times one of the sickest
Hip-Hop beat i've heard
What's happening mudi…Pheelz kill em
It's obvious too
Popular you gonna be popular….pular…Can't
imagine popularity sex
Popular you gonna be popular….pular…You don
see crowd wey your heart cut
Popular you gonna be popular….pular…Especially
those ones wey their eyes dey strong for front
You gonna be popular
Huh listen and since i got popular
They steady be trying to blast me
They ginger cos am all up in their face like acne
Lil' kids, am your POP actually
My bone never break so why you dey try cast me
New rule is i write it, you bite it
Me and my team fly together we united
But am an arsenal fan
Am dope like crack
Am not stingy vector will share like jack
But my previous clique they wouldn't follow codes
How ironic that i was a G for some follow hoe
Crap popularity bring
Sometimes the note is wrong when popularity sings
Oh damn
I forgot that i was famous
We can't be free the consequences gon chain us
So when you see crowd when we ride don't blame
On and off stage we entertainers
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular….Pheelz, V
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular
Okay you wanna be popular
You better be ready for calculus
You better be steadily ready to deliver dope when
its time to bust
It gets worse
when you have to bust under pressure
It's heavy in the chest?
I thought you wanted treasure
The girls don't rest till the breast gets caressed
And they always ready to show whats under the
You wanna be popular
you better be ready to count all the draculas
And blood suckers combining the cock suckers
Huh…you lose sperm on a daily
Because of you the girls do the perm on a daily
Forget the macs and mary kays
The pretty girls will call you babe
Protect yourself or you'll get the worms on a daily
Oh i don't want a baby
Am not taking shots at nobody though
That's real
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular….this has
got to be in recent times, one of the sickest hip-hop
beats i've heard
Popular, you gonna be popular….pular…Pheelz kill
Popular..hip-hop, you gonna be popular….pular
Popular….them think say e easy ba (shebi na you
wan popular)
You gonna be popular….pular
Popular You gonna be popular….pular
Popular You gonna be popular


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