TKG freestyle by Phenom

See me i'm badder than them
I swear to god
Swear to god, i'm badder than dem
Phenomenon is badder than dem
All of dem
All of dem
Are badder than dem
Can you hear me now
Me i don't care
Me i smoke me i me i me i don't care
Phenomenon is badder than dem
A.k.a yea
You already know…yea
See i'm just microphone testing
Aint nobody testing
Go hard turn the fucking booth to a sex scene
One is one arm on my shit you can bank on
Flow so my bloody, swear my tongue needs a
Without a doubt i'm a shit: fullstop
Try to test my patience: goodluck….gbagaun
Eni fe lo po mi sinu pali
Igboro o rerin
Malo fe yin bi akayin yo
Make green smoke green: blow purple
Fuck around with juice on
That's a gold circle: no vision
I bolt talk the vision
Present to you all saints on a trip to my religion…ah
Can't compare mehn
The difference is clear mehn
I'm not a friend to the groom
It's ironic i'm the best man
Get off your chair man
I'm the man you should cheer mehn
You are not the chairman
You are just a man on the chair mehn
These niggas aint acting right here: nollywood
They're talking drama when they're singing:
I never talk much
Cuz i know the money would
Plus i been dey draw my 3d flake: hollywood
Making cheese no smells on my photograph
The game needs change
Can i get a quarter back
Scoonie rappers in my big house
Upper class
Only way you ass is getting signed is with my
Bitch i stand tall
Started like the street pro
Which is bigger the size of my dick and my ego
Me i fit to shank you
You know how the thing go
I'm a top dog…street breed.. No bingo
Yeah. Yeah yeah
Nigga, this is what success is
So much gold on
I can tell you how michael phelps feels
No lies, my life's a fucking paradise
Taking me up is like one on one with the paradise
Legend like john (jesus walks)
On another level ahn
Kanye make jesus walk (jesus walks with me)
Ama make the devil run
Since i was a kid
I've been carrying that goodie
I've got a big sean touch down on any booty
Two chains on my neck
My swagger is too stupid
Only shit we have in common is good music
Never will i let it go
It's about to go down
Like the wall of jericho
I've got that shit that will make Frank Edoho walk
And the devil turn born again….braaaa
Ayefele walk again…braaaa
Money on my mind
Mulla on my medulla
See money comes and goes
Like sex with a hooker
Yeah…god is my come back
Nigga i'm all that
Mama saw the new me
And asked for her son back
Talk is cheap
All your threats equals bullshit
Forget anal sex
You can't do shit
Nigga you should ask about me
Black swagga rap version of michael jackson
I go realer [gorilla] like king kong
S on my chest…superman wey dey sing song
Only shit sick about you is your bad breathe
I'm breaking rules
I'm like moses with the tablet
My last pulse, imma make it count
You so broke
I hear echoes in your bank account
I go by name phenom
A.k.a the knighthouse general
You already know what it is
You already know what it is


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