Come Thru (Drake Cover) Lyrics By Pryse

You got the thing got the thing that I like
Got the thing got the thing that I like (2ce)
Its Pryse


My man sexy
He'll turn on a lesbian
Taking off the boxers before the test begun
Sweat running down his chest
His …… fascinates
Could be catching feelings
Mama didn't vaccinate
Consent is hard to come to terms with
The treat of a broken heart
But luckily I love quick dilema
What dress will make his mouth hangover
And make him say stop drop and roll your ass is smoking
Babe if we never make it official
I still treasure the experience
We stand out
UFO shit we aliens
Put gun man on speed dial if we ever break off
Am kidding (2ce)
I won't burst that clip off ma
I deliberate this
Over calculating am finding maths to solve
I had brave (2ce)
I had brave forgo with phobia for emotional heights
Love is blind
I hope you can keep some of the sight
He said keep what we've got out of the flashing lights
I said I'll take it to the afterlife
Just walk with me there
Just walk with me dear
We can walk weather we're broke or we're billionaires
Long as we still sneaking kisses at the gallery
Go find another Pryse
Take a billion years
I'll wait baby
I'll be in the kitchen cooking hot that bowl of maize spaghetti
He said what made us hang along
I said always baby
Am trynna think like a man and act like a lady
But he like
Be a lover not a thinker
I should put that on the sticker
He aint perfect not a drinker
But tonight we pour some liquor
Cheers to the fact that I'm your nicca
Honey I can be the B to your jigga
Go figure
He partial to a full figure
Ah think he likes
I put it on a play smash hit
Better grab a pen when we conversate
I could swear your hands were made for my waist
My eyes for your face (2ce)
Its microphone majesty volume one
Happy valentine people


Come thru (4ce)
Girl you know we gat things to do (2ce)
So get your ass in that car come

Hey baby how you doing
I miss you
Damn, I mean I saw you this morning
Buh you know how we're talking about what we should do today
I know I know what we should do today
Ehn, You know
You could come through with a bottle of red
And I could cook us something special
Pasta for you maybe
Just chicken for me
I could bring out that you know sexy demelon oil
I'll give you a massage this time
I know you like when through my eyes on your back like that
And kiss you on your ear lobe
I gat to be chocolate like a milk
I'll let you take me off to interesting places
And you know how much I like Chocolate City
Yeah…come through baby
The number you have dialled…
Has been changed.


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