Danfo (Valentine) Lyrics Feat Broda Livinus

Yeah yeah
I've enter problem /2ce
I've do Valentine
I've enter problem
I did not know it was breast pad on the avatar
Suspect on the beat


I woke up in a new Danfo
I woke up in a new Danfo
I say I woke up in a new Danfo
Nwanem I woke up in a new Danfo

Verse 1 (Broda Livinus)

Nwokem Nwokem Nwokem
I've being trying to tell you these things but you know
Sometimes when your friends is talking it's as if em they don't want what is good for you
You showed me this girl and I told you that this girl is destroyer of destiny
Nwokem she will do cook wo shala with your
But you did not listen
Why because you want to give her the chimne
How can you go there with Buga and come back
with Danfo
Even if it is eh
I don't even know what to say because it's
better than keke Marwa
But still it's coming down from your high horse to come and you know swim in sand
You know In the Bible you know they said they are seeing blessings on curses
But it's nothing compared to what you have done here nwoke
So because of bonna
You allow her to choose location, one
Two she give you February 14
Sleeping no waking
Destiny changing
Mama na kwando
Ngwo ngwo
And you collect every
And come back for me to buy what
Only to pay your danfo
It's a different matter if I'm buying you petrol or diesel, oil for your Bugatti
I'm your guy, you know I will pay
It's something that we can liase and you know and contact it properly later
Not that you will come back inside Danfo,
Your driver, your conductor
She have taken over your this thing
It's over, it's over


I woke up in a new Danfo
I woke up in a new Danfo
I say I woke up in a new Danfo
I woke up in a new Danfo

Verse 2 (Broda Livinus)

Calm down, calm down, calm down relax
You know you have to think of this from the
perspective of a very good friend
You know when all this kind of thing is
happening, I just sit down nd look and know that all of you are novice
You know what I'm saying you are novice to this game
Because if you are thinking with your correct number four
You will know that woman and man that come for you only 14 they don't mean well for you
There are ways to go about this thing
Now think about it
She come now, she tell you to buy Louboutin
shoes, she tell you to buy belt Louis Vuitton , Louis Vuitton or whatever they are call the bag anyway
You know and you are buying
Or you are a girl and he tell you oya come over to my house na
Let's go and play football
Let' s go and play soccer
And you are going only on 14
Then 15 you are hungry
You have spent all your money
And you know there's nobody to blame because she has gone back to the main boyfriend to go and spend your money
Or you the girl 15 you are still happy
But you know when that time of the month come
Then that time of the month will not come when that time of the month should come
Then you are knowing that you know what you are now thinking from 14 to forever
Because you will born
And she who born must carry
So therefore in all these things don't, don't come down too hard on him
You know just give him a good advice
A good word of wisdom
So that you know that next time
You know how to go about these thing
In eventuality of non eventuality
That's all I have to say
Don't ask me too much please
Thank you and goodbye


I woke up in a new Danfo
I woke up in a new Danfo
I say I woke up in a new Danfo
I woke up in a new Danfo

Outro (Tha Suspect)
Stupid people just dey download free song
Click on this, click on that, click on
You don click am idiot
Take am na shebi you don download am
Enjoy yourself


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