Check Out Nigerian Singer, Olu Maintain's N9.6m Gold-Plated Wristwatch

The economy may be tough for many Nigerians at the moment, but for Olumide Adegbolu, popularly known as Olu Maintain, it is definately one of his best moments right now.

He disclosed that he spent about $60,000 (N9.6million) on a gold plated wristwatch recently. The Ibadan based musician said this when an entertainment reporter asked him what his most priced item is and he said it's his prized wristwatch.

"I have a diamond wristwatch I got for $20,000 in 2009 and another gold plated Rolex wristwatch I bought recently which gulped $26,000."The diamond wristwatch is far ahead every other fashion item I have becausethe carat is quite heavy and the cheapest line of the watch you can get from the jeweller who customized mine presently costs about $60,000," Olu Maintain reportedly said.

The artiste recently released a video 'Ennuff Effizzi' which analyst have said it's the most expensive video ever done by an African artiste.Well, if that information is a fact, we want to believe that is a plus for Nigerian music industry.Who says entertainment doesn't pay?


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