Freestyle Lyrics By M.I Abaga, Loose Kaynon & Iceprince Zamani

Ma ronu ma ronu agan
Agan ma ronu ooo
It's that sexy shit
Yoh! Connect
Don't play dis verse for my popz
OJ, killz
She's slapping nigga
Alright.let's go

Verse 1 (MI) :
Yeh always know that we was gonna blow
Me and my niggas .
Me and my pro
Came into lag with the flow hydro
This haters suck *bees Fi Phy four
Aint saying you jacking
Me I know
As long as I gat me
A beat by bro
Oh Kid Connect gotta show respect to the nigga that'll be holding me down on the deck
It's funny to me 
When niggas talk money to me
Cuz he aint got nothing to me
Something like B.I.G
For a nigga said *puffless italy/pekali
Music is quality like Talib
Haters talking in the back niggas adlib
Nigeria's own Kanye West for the west
We're the best
Like them nigga Dj Khalid
Told Ice prince
Give me a sec
First these niggas are gonna give me respect
Then these niggas are gonna give me a cheque
Then few bitches gonna give me some sex
Then you are gonna come through
And do what I did
But just do it bigger
Then we're gonna let Loose do it too
Cuz dat's our fucking nigga
CBN to the death
Nigga wanna ball
Then watch what you are saying to the Ref
Ain't saying we is the best
I'm saying we is the fucking best
Ah connect! Yeah
Loose for here.Nigga

Verse 2 (Loose Kanyon)
You'all thought I was gone
I swear I never left
I heard they really wrote me off
Ah! Bad debt
Hello! critics
How long have you 'all slept
Wake up big my nigga
Please who's the money prey
We talk flow
Then we talk paper
I hold book together like a stapler
When you grinding like me
Rhyming like me
Only few do school with great heart
Shout out to the team that I'm on
CBN, Loopy, we're bringing the storm
Put my Dick cap on ur beat on your neck is my feet
Fuck you all I came from the street
In my rookie
**My defence that you re in
It's very right that the best comes first in
Yeah! Cause I'm the best *since America fucked around
I've got a nigga in the west
Not the white house
I put my voice on the beat
Then it's light out
This is my house
Yeah our nigga take shots like colby
But very soon the lakers will be the white house
Making mocheedah likes 2008
Can you relate
I know that line won't be complete without mentioning knight house
You are in the house in the night
I'm on the street trying to get some cash in my pops
Get your bitch waiting in the house on the crouch
I'll be drinking night out y'all really know what we're about
I'll make her breakfast
You'all grindabout was like a Hip cash
Nigga stay trash
I just take facts
And I play the realers
Don't diss yarn please that

Verse 3 (Ice Prince)
Eru.. Loose
Yeah.. Ok
You all gonna get off my dick
You all gonna get off my shit
You all you all you all gonna get off my neck
And get off my cock
And you all gonna get off my chick
Bouncing the wall
And I'm gonna walk right throught
**Aim in the bee and my vault fly through it
Stand in the middle and got a plan
But jigga the figure in his hands
Bad man pull it
Never gonna rise
Never gonna born
Never gonna shine
Let the nigga feeders say
Fuck you all niggas
Everybody claiming that jigga
They never playing the * GSO
Ama looking at your book you all niggas
Seeing me the actor
I came through but never used the back door
If a nigga put a grind
And a nigga put a rhyme
Then a nigga gonna shine
These niggas don't pay
They get more
I see that
I see true niggas on dope my hommies
It's a rehab
Ain't speaking a balling
But the truth is that these niggas ain't got balls like we have
Now read that
To repeat that
Nigga you know I'm confident
Ama put wears on
Lyrical trek on
*bilical doubt that conjugate
Raaaa..Now all the hates
This is the shit I don't tolerate
That's that shit I don't like
Put me on Air con.
Ama be in london next week  
So ama need me
me condoms next week
The only thing that really sucks is
I'm gonna have to deal with all my Exes
Boarding passes and then check in
Fresh till death
My dressing
Ama be on vacation soon
CBN be the best team
Good for the brothers that we re making enough
Niggas gonna break that we re making enough
Underseed and I know one day you go blow
All the nigga aint mavin enough
Bursted and enforceted
My jury going now flawted
And if a nigga talk cash and bad girls
Then Ice prince Zamani endorsed that
My raaa wasn't good enough

CBN shit baby


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