god On The Mic Lyrics By Jesse Jagz

Hurled from the sky like a discus
a god has fallen from Olympus
dethroned from high, thrown from the
why? He shall live alone till he die
he forged him a sign
endorsing his crime
sovereign rhyme
enforcing the laws of the lords of the
born with a spine
formed from the remnants of Optimus
In the darkness words formed in his
blind, double edged swords that will
so a nigga got resourceful with his
the forces of kind, life forms in his kind
Servants in the vine for the merchant
of rhyme
sovereign rhyme
Urban and fly
he spits for the people for the
Government sly
Army for army
cloaked in Armani
we return to the mountains
the place where they found him
disgraceful surroundings
the racists that bound him
erase, and replace in they place a new
the rod that'll strike
make way for the god on the mic
his sword's full of light
epidermis illuminate the fog in the
god on the mic
love on the mic
pause for the strike
like jaws on the mic

Fell to the earth
hell was his birth
remembering, trembling
the dawn of the Nepheline
Seraphim, beware of him
spawn of the Cherubim
and man came at the perfect time
it's the perfect crime
god on the mic got the perfect lines
fruits on a tree
now we squeeze apples to make juice and gin
god on the mic his booth is a gym
where he work it out and the truth is in him
and Tupac got 6 bullets in
so the streets could get a new bulletin
mutants from high
lieutenant I
what 'em motherfuckers wouldn't do for ma fly
the truth is a lie
in the booth there's a spy
these bullets fly before the nuke in the sky bullet
proof till I die
poof! Roof to the sky
a' usubi la hi bloody Jew till I die
parachute's full of wind
Para troops follow him
yes there's nothing they wouldn't do for their
songs that they sing
crew full of gin
youthful within


  1. Hmm! Talking about the falling angel and his interaction with man's world. I kinda like its peculiarity and hidden informations. From Osahon Okoh

  2. Too dupe lyrics! D greatest ☀̤̣̈̇f all MC's, big ups....


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