NLZ Perfect Love Lyrics This Season: Is It Aye Lyrics By Davido Or Iyawo Mi Lyrics By Timi Dakolo

In Naija Love Zone (NLZ) Perfect Love Lyrics for this season, we've selected two most accepted love songs since 2014 began and before this article was published: Aye by Davido ( and Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo (

Below are the attributes of a perfect love song and see how both songs fit in. At the end of this article, we'll select NLZ's Perfect Love Song for this season. Feel free to share your thoughts by using the comment box.

# In writing a love song, before you turn your heart into poetry and music, you will want to express yourself without the constraints of meter and rhyme. To do this, describe the person you love, how they make you feel, and how it feels to be together.
You can describe their physical attributes, including how they look, how they move, how they love, how they dance—anything that describes them physically.

Also describe them emotionally. Are they strong, courageous, and forthright, or perhaps quiet and contemplative. Anything that describes who they are and their personality traits is good to write down.

»»In Aye by Davido:
"She fine pass Darego
She dey do like Ronaldo
My sweetie poraro (potato)
Ha! Eminado"

»»In Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo:
"The most beautiful girl I've seen in all my life
Every second spent with you is like a day that
starts brand new"

Describe the "us" of your relationship. Talk about the things you do, or don't do. Talk about how you got together, and what your hopes are for the future. Even if you're not actually together with the object of your love, you can imagine what it would be like if you were together.

»»In Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo:
"When you're by my side I can't do anything....
Without you no one else will do
Through thick and thin I know we'll make it
Yes I wanna build my whole world around you
So I promise you forever and for always
Girl you are my sunshine baby don't you go

»»In Aye by Davido: (NOT FOUND)

Also, extend the story of your love by describing it in ways that are very much not literal.
For example, you may love her in part because she smells good, which is nice, but doesn't make for a winning line in a love song! Instead, you can write that she is a field of flowers on a warm, fragrant night.
Work through your narrative, adding as many metaphors as you can. Some may turn out to be elegant masterpieces, some might be as fragrant as the city dump. At this point, the goal is simply to explore what you can say about your love.

»»In Aye by Davido: Davido describes a girl that doesn't love him for all the material things he has to offer but truely loves him for who he is...

"Cause you want my love o
She no want designer
She no want Ferarri
She say na my love o
You belong to meee
And I belong to her o"

»»In Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo:
"Like an angel in the morning
Shooting star across the night
The most beautiful girl I've seen in all my life
Every second spent with you is like a day that
starts brand new"

Even though Aye by Davido has a very good melody, rhythm and instrumentals and is the most loved/played new song (2014 release) across africa at the moment, its lyrical content still isn't good enough to tag it the perfect love song on the moment. The lyrics has song lapses like;

"...Oya shakee your asset..."

"Oya gbe si oun, dancee
Oya gbe down gently
Oya dey dancee,legendary
Oya gbe si oun for them"

So therefore, the perfect love song/lyrics, released this year so far, that you can sing/read out to your girlfriend/wife is Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo (

The song is so emotional and was probablly inspired by Timi Dakolo's wife.


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