NLZ Report: Sexual Lyrics In Songs Could Be The Reason For A Greater Promiscuity Among Teenagers

Sexually charged and degrading
lyrics in pop songs and rap music
lead to greater promiscuity
among teenagers, new study

Researchers found that 14 and 15
year olds who listened to songs
featuring degrading references to
sex were more likely to be
sexually active.

The University of Pittsburgh
study, which involved more than
700 volunteers, found that
exposing them to the explicit
tunes doubled their likelihood of
having sexual intercourse.

Brian Primack, who published the
findings in the American Journal
of Preventive Medicine, said:

"This study demonstrates that, among this sample of young adolescents, high exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex in popular music was independently associated with higher levels of sexual behaviour.
"In fact, exposure to lyrics
describing degrading sex was one
of the strongest associations with
sexual activity... These results
provide further support for the
need for additional research and
educational intervention in this

Students reported the number of
hours per day that they listen to
music and their favourite musical
Through a detailed content
analysis, the percentage was
calculated of each artist's most
popular songs containing lyrics
describing degrading sex.
An exposure score for lyrics
describing degrading sex was then
calculated by multiplying each
student's hours of music exposure
by the percentage of his or her
favourite artists' songs that
contain lyrics describing
degrading sex. This was then
compared to their sexual activity.


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