Where Una Dey Lyrics By Modenine Feat XY

Yo, it's modenine baby, another classic,
XY, Slavemaster on the beat, you get me,
Let's do this, huh,
It's modenine baby.


As i dey see myself for here,
Who i be, oh oh oh,
Tell me who i be,
If no be God, who i be,
As i dey look myself for here,
Who i be, oh oh, tell me who I be,
If no be baba God who I be,
Where i for dey.


I don't sleep no more, I'm restless,
Run this race till I'm breathless,
Mode not a quitter,
Never hear me say Eff this,
Still got a whole lot to go on my checklist,
Garage full of cars, real diamonds on my necklace,
House on the hill residing above you heck less,
I work year round,
Never been on snooze mode,
Nothing moves mode,
I swear down, I'm air bound,
Fly away from the people who be cool only when you got,
When you don't got they disappear,
Listen yh, it's a cold earth,
I'm so wavy, but don't surf,
I got a piranha flow, still tryna blow,
Giving it another go,
You froze shade on me,
Poor views of YouTube fans fade on me,
The entertainment business is crae homie.


Keye rojo mi o, ide mi ja, sekeseke ja,
Aya mio ja,
Keye rojo mi mo, ide mi ja, sekeseke ja,
Aya mio ja,
Moti da segun, halleluyah,
See, see, see, see,
As i dey struggle everyday,
Where una dey, oh oh oh,
Where una dey, if no be God,
Where una dey,
As I dey hustle up and down,
Where una dey, brother, sister,
Where una dey,
Ewa lanu gba, eyin yin wa tobi,
E sori mi.


Check, yo,
When you hear another track you rewind it, Shine so bright I leave you wannabes blinded,
It's all about the mode, I guess I'm me minded,
I look beyond the big picture to the safe behind it,
How you gon talk stash when you never grinded,
My blueprint's in plain view but you will never find it,
I kick fake friends out the loop for flooring the coupe,
Now they back just a fan, chicken soup,
I remember when they said I wasn't wining, I remember when my phone stopped ringing,
When the fat lady started singing, it was nearly over,
Waited out my contract like a true soldier,
Some fans say they loyal but they shock me,
Mad cos Alphabetical Order was not free,
I've done enough of that,
If you a true fan you will let me hold something, Roger that.


Keye rojo mi o, ide mi ja, sekeseke ja,
Aya mio ja,
Keye rojo mi mo, ide mi ja, sekeseke ja,
Aya mio ja,
Moti da segun, halleluyah,
Halle- halle- halle- halleluyah,
God don bless me, I thank you lord,
See, all the girls wey na run go,
Now when i wan come around they come flex with me,
Where una dey before,
Where una dey ai ai,
Where una dey before I *** still dey drink garri,
Where una dey, where una dey,
Where una dey, where una dey before.


Yeah I see you,
All you fair weather people,
Tryna come back, tryna make your way back,
On some espionage, nah bruv,
Stay where you are,
Slavemaster on the beat, XY.


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