Throw Back Lyrics By Dammy Krane

Back to life
Back to life
Dammy Krane for the girls
Take am.. Or or

Na only me for here o
The party don tey
The Party don tey
You dey follow am dey go
The party don tey
Party don tey
Hey hey
Are you ready now
Hey! Listen

Coming out straight this time
Coming out straight with my own kind of piece of mind
Doing it my way this time
Like I'm not gonna bore you with my flimpsy kind of piece of right
Allah Dala dakako
Ife bala bakako
Umu nwanya Naimiagi
Egurubagu egurubaja ah
Baby baby fire oh
Fire fire
People wan burn this party
Please bring plenty water
Let us quench the fire
Because omoge metta sere o (o uh o)
Dammy krane lon sere o (o uh o)
Sere ayo
See as dem girls sere o
Ah won sere ayo
E get some time to bubble and shuffle. Yeah
After all the hustle and bustle. No be small thing
Everybody wan celebrate
But nobody wan talk him age
Check am
Panjo pangoli by yesterday heba
Na him you wan use take shakara for me
Panjo pangoli by yesterday heba
Na him you wan use take shakara for me
Mowa talented
Yes mowa gifted
Sheri kini mi
Oma gbe e lifted
Sheri hips e moti file shifted
Ego oju e moti file tinted
Yebariba Samboribobo
Yebariba Swagger swagger yin
This one sorry gala sellers
Then the recharge cards sellers
Sample ekwe
Galala no dey do them again..ponponpon
Konto no dey do them again o
Azonto no dey do them again
Sabi dance na the only dance wey dey reign
Ogologomaya Jehova ogologomaya (yeah)
Ogologomaya jehova ogologomaya
Cause e no easy yeah
To dey sing to dey dance
And the people dey rejoice e yeah
My brother my sister no be today day day day
Ibile titititititi
Top son next to non
Hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
Make way
Hmmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm
Roll the carpet
Hmmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm
Photocopy koma easy
That kind thing koma easy ooooh
This girl you think say you fine
I get another girl wey fine pass you
Shakara don end oo
Na cunny cunny love you dey play me so
Ha ha ha ha ha.. Why na
All your kele kele love oh
Oya Pass me your love yeah
Jibaraba jibaraba jibaraba Free me
Intellectual culprit ahhh
It's bubbling moni koma bubble
Spiritual craziest music
Give them
Throw back nwanem
O banging simileti
It is very delicious
Very sumptuous
Hmmm..ah ah ah
Shout out to
You know my peoples
Lale friday
Hypertek digital
Nice See see.. You know
Hypertek nigga mix
Usual Suspect plus a very sharp bad guy
Shout out to my mom
Sweet mother I no go forget you eh eh

My dad
Oya baba ese o baba
Baba ese o baba
For all those you know miscreants and all those you know
Miskiasky and maskarasky
You know how skale wan go from here to oversees na the private jet
We hold on to the boat
Awon ti balotelli
Bao lo teli
Alo radio
We'll meet you up there right there you know
Airplane mode.. Cloud nine
Thank you
All of my tatoo girls
We thank the Lord
Where dem dey
(Han han han han han han han han han han han han)
Shout out you know
To the people that made me who I am today
The fans
Ehn ehn
(Han han han)
Nyam christi. Tim dunk
Love you so much eh muah
Oya you may kiss your bride muah
Kiss the fans muah
Jaburata jaburata
God go bless you jaburata
If I.. How I go take thank spellz now
Me and spellz mehn
We don tey
From the beginning
Omo I no want talk the story for here mehn
Spellz mehn
Spellz don scatter everything
Spellz Number one producer Africa Respect
Infact ratatatatatatata. They don't know
Mr billz
Everybody oya join jangbajantis
Solve mathematics
You know.. Shout out to everybody
Supporting the brand Dammy Krane
God bless you
I love you so much
May God continue to enlarge your coast
Amen.. Ashe(olorun lorun lorun lorun)
Big big know
Special dedication to the haters
E sha rora fu emi..eti gbo
May God continue to bless you
You know You don't pay evil with evil
You pay evil with good
Good bye..
See saw
Keep coming
Keep cuming in the morning


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