Check Out Why Singers Make More Money Than Rappers In Nigeria

If you are a music lover, a category of life I find it hard to believe some people do not belong to, you would have noticed how singers enjoy better fortune and fame in Nigeria.

You can complain all you want about the lyrics and the noisy beat, at the end of the day you will still unconsciously nod your head to a wizkid's 'Show me your money' or a Kcee's 'Fine Face'. The question is, why do people pay more attention to singers in our clime than rappers who seem to have a message.

The Nigerian Music industry has grown tremendously in recent years giving birth to a new genre of music that Nigerians and the world at large still find difficult to classify. Some call it Afro beats, some Afro hip-hop and others Afro pop.

Despite the success of the industry, there is still the big question of what genre of music sells the most in Nigeria and has unanimous acceptance from the public.

Rap is a word coined from rhythm and poetry and could be traced back to Jamaica in the early '70s and made popular by African Americans who used it as a means to express themselves and express their dissatisfaction with societal ills. This genre of music gives the artiste the opportunity to say a lot poetically and pass a message to the listeners. Rap which could be classified as hard core (rap without a chorus and a somewhat monotonous beat) and non – hard core rap (rap with a chorus and melodious beat) has gained global acceptance.

Singing on the other hand, not RnB seems to be the engine room of the Nigerian music industry.

Some of the major reasons why singing is more acceptable in Nigeria is that rap music seem like a borrowed culture and is mostly appealing to the youths. The elderly ones, who are more in tune with the traditional music culture, seem unable to comprehend what a rap artiste is saying and can't easily relate with singing. For example, it's rare to find a rapper performing at a wedding ceremony.

Another reason why rap music is less popular in this region, is because a lot of the songs are less danceable. The success of 'party music' as it is fondly called dwarfs that of rap music in Nigeria by all standards because it is danceable. A major reason why most Nigerian rappers are now singers as a means of surviving the competitive industry.

A lot of Nigerian artistes doing well today as singers are rumored to have started out as rappers.  Musicians like Wizkid, D'prince, Dr Sid and most recently Skales and other top dogs in the industry started out as rappers.

Party music as they put it seems to be more acceptable because of the melodious tunes, the fusion of traditional rhythm with modern hip/hop and the presentation in our everyday language that even a village farmer will be able to understand and identify with. Rap music on the other hand seems to be more complex in a bid for the rapper to prove how lyrically deep he/she is.

Sadly, Nigerians and Africans do not really care about lyrics and message of a song, they just want to dance away their stress and troubles and the songs making waves today help them to get away from the daily stress they face.

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